What to Keep, Drop, or Modify in Medical Practice—Medicine and Humanity, It’s the Ecology Stupid™

Monday, June 14, 2021
5-6:30pm EST

Neurologist Erika Williams and emergency physicians Rob Inglis and N. Stuart Harris reflect on how a single novel coronavirus has altered the way we care for our patients and our species. They consider the power of narrative and of curiosity, and explore how the Anthropocene may demand that doctors step outside of hospital settings to embrace human health as an ecological phenomenon.

The Center for Complexity invited clinicians and medical professionals from across the country to consider the future of medicine in the US—from education to equity to issues as broad as empathy, humanity and the very survival of our species. Ten healthcare professionals welcomed our invitation to engage in unscripted conversations, reflect on their practice during the pandemic and consider what should be maintained, eliminated or modified in the field of medicine.

· Stuart Harris, MD, MFA., FRCP Edin. Chief, Division of Wilderness Medicine Fellowship Director, Wilderness Medicine Massachusetts General Hospital

N. Stuart Harris, MD, MFA.

FRCP Edin. Chief
Division of Wilderness Medicine Fellowship Director
Wilderness Medicine Massachusetts General Hospital

Erika Williams, MD PhD

Massachusetts General Brigham Neurology Residency Program

Robert Inglis, MD

Resident Physician, University of California
San Francisco Department of Emergency Medicine