Unknown Futures

by Zharia Shinn 

Collaged with vibrant and unique papers and various materials, Zharia Shinn's work titled "Our Unknown Futures" depicts two figures embodying our undetermined existence today. The figure on the left, shown in deep blues and purples, symbolizes nature, while the figure on the right, with bright yellows and greens symbolizes city life and its robust activity. During this global pandemic, civilization has seen many lows while others have seemed to thrive. With a rise in our planet's livelihood and ecosystems due to the tapering of human activity, this phenomena confirms a vital realization. The world has simply learned that we all play a major role in the cleanliness, progression, and soundness of life as we know it. It begs the question of what will our future become and how do we all — no matter your background, lifestyle, race, or class — take responsibility and play our part.