The question of what to keep, drop or modify in US medical practice takes a propositional approach to the insights and reflections that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic (still in progress).
    At the Center for Complexity (CfC) healthcare, health equity and the complex challenges of emergency medicine have been a large part of our project portfolio over the past year. We have been fortunate to be in conversation with clinicians and administrators across the country, looking to understand the systemic challenges and conditions that have always been present but are exacerbated by the pandemic and still largely unquestioned.
    In the spirit of what to carry forward, we invited medical professionals from across the country to address what should be kept, what should be dropped and what should be modified based on their experiences as healthcare providers during the pandemic. The 10 professionals participating in the conversation welcomed that invitation. Most of these individuals have never met one another and their discussions during the symposium are unscripted, unmoderated and extemporaneous. Breaking with traditional scholarly formats, these conversations create an opportunity to move from personal experiences to the shared identification of specific opportunities for systemic change.