Rhode Island School of Design is built on what is now called College Hill, part of the ancestral homelands of the Narragansett Nation. Indigenous people from many nations—near and far—live, study and work in Providence today. The amplification of Native voices and histories is crucial to rectifying the many violent legacies of colonialism, and we gratefully acknowledge the ongoing critical contributions of Indigenous people across our state, region and nation.

Provided by RISD MEDIA

Carry Forward 2021 is put on by the Center for Complexity at RISD. Funded by Infosys.

Organized by 
Julie Woods
Sahib Singh
Justin W. Cook
Toban Shadlyn
Tim Maly
Haroon Waseem
Carmen Moreno

Collage illustrations by Zharia Shinn.
Typeset in Miller Text and Work Sans.
Website and visual identity by Elaine Lopez.

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